Tesla Model S Flaw May Make It Vulnerable To Hackers

tesla-model-s-touchscreenElectric cars stand to improve upon the century-old concept of the automobile in exciting and promising new ways. The Tesla Model S proved this by receiving a five-star crash test rating, and even breaking one of the testing machines. However, Tesla’s decision to use its own API, which has opened it up to the potential to being hacked.

The flaw was found by George Reese, a senior executive for Dell and a Tesla Model S owner himself. It’s one of the potential worries all automakers, and not just Tesla, has to take into consideration going forward. However, Tesla’s decision to use its own API, or application programming interface, could allow outside users to remotely activate things like the sunroof, horn, and lights. Users can also cause excessive wear on the electrical systems and batteries, seriously shortening their lifespan.

This stems from Tesla’s decision to use an iPhone or or Android app to give Tesla owners access to information and options on their car. As cars and other devices become more and more connected, the potential for hacking and abuse also grows.

While none of this is a safety concern per se, car hacking is already starting to become an issue for automakers all over the world. Whether the Tesla Model S is more or less vulnerable because it’s a pure-electric vehicle, remains to be seen

 Source:  Forbes

Christopher DeMorro

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