Wood-Powered Russian Motorcycle A Post-Collapse Delight

wood-gas-bike-4Depending on whom you ask, society is either fast-approaching a technological singularity, or the End Times. While I’m optimistic for the future, just in case society is nearing catastrophic collapse, a wood-burning Russian motorcycle would be a fantastic commuter between survivalist communities.

Gasification is the process of super-heating biomass (like wood) and turning it into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which can then be run through a standard gasoline-powered engine. Pickup trucks and El Caminos are more popular candidates for wood-gas conversions because of the bulky equipment needed to store the fuel and create the gas. Wood gas vehicles have been around for a long time, and are especially popular when petrol is in short supply. In North Korea wood gas vehicles are common place, giving us a look at what a post-collapse society might look like.

But to hell with that, says Mother Russia! Instead some enterprising Ruskie converted an old Ural military motorcycle into a wood-burning motor vehicle, which the gasification equipment riding alongside on a special sidecar.  While the top-speed is limited to just 50 mph, in a post-collapse scenario where gasoline and other “traditional” fuels are not available, this wood-gas bike would be a real boon.

You can bet this guy is ready for whatever might bring down modern society.

Source: English Russia via Autoblog

Christopher DeMorro

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