Video: The Scrooser Is An Electric Scooter For Trust Fund Kids


While electric motorcycles are upsetting the performance paradigm gas-powered bikes have monopolized for decades, electric scooters are quietly taking to the streets in greater numbers. The latest electric alternative to gas-powered transportation is the Scrooser, which can take you 22 miles with a single push of your foot thanks to a hub motor and lithium-ion batteries.

The Scrooser can travel up to 15 mph after you get it going, and if you help it along with a push here or there, it will travel up to 34 miles before needing a recharge. It’s a more-practical solution to urban commuting than even the smallest commuter car, though it still isn’t cheap; prices start at $4,790, and the initial production batch will consist of just 150 vehicles.

Scrooser is another crowdfunded-success that has Kickstarter to thank for its existence. Scrooser raised over $186,000, $66,000 more than their Kickstarter goal, which means there is already a line of cool dudes and dudettes waiting for a Scrooser to call their own. For just a few thousand dollars more, you could buy a legitimate electric motorcycle, or just lease a car like the Fiat 500E. But that wouldn’t be nearly as cool to a generation that drinks PBR and wants to write the next great American novel on a typewriter. The Scrooser would be right at home on the streets of Brooklyn.

If you’re interested in owning a Scrooser, you might want to get in touch with daddy’s accountant soon, before the first batch is inevitably spoken for.

Source: Inhabitat 

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