Video: Gamer Test Drives Nissan’s Electric Le Mans Racer

nissan-zeod-rc-gamerFive years ago Nissan and Sony launched an initiative to find the world’s best virtual race car drivers, and turn them into real race car drivers. Lucas Ordóñez won the inaugural Nissan GT Academy and since then has gone on to have an impressive racing career that includes test-driving cutting edge vehicles like the Nissan ZEOD RC electric Le Mans race car.

The Nissan ZEOD RC looks an awful lot like the design of the cutting-edge DeltaWing racer, but with one key difference; it’s a 100% fully-electric racer. Ordóñez competed at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, and has appeared in other series like Australia’s V8 Supercar and the FIA GT series, all of which stems from his talent as a video gamer.

Perhaps that is what gives the young gamer an inherent advantage over drivers who entered motorsports through the traditional venue of midget racers and kart. As a member of a new generation of drivers growing up with access to pure electric vehicles, Ordóñez should be better-suited to the different driving characteristics of an all-electric racer, like instant torque and a (mostly) silent drivetrain.

The Nissan ZEOD RC electric racer makes its Le Mans debut next year, and who knows? It could be Ordóñez at the wheel once again.

Source: Nissan

Christopher DeMorro

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