Video: Armadillo-T Is A Foldable EV For City Folk

foldable-evWhile the shortcomings of electric cars are often discussed at length, there are some inherent advantages to ditching the traditional gas-powered drivetrain. Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, the same place behind Korea’s wireless-charging electric buses, has unveiled a foldable electric city car that can fit three to a single parking space.

Is the Armadillo-T set to replace gas-powered cars? No, of course not, but it does demonstrate some unique features of electric cars. The drivetrain is so compact and free of features like exhaust pipes, driveshafts, and transmissions, allow the Armadillo-T to tuck the front half of its body into the rear “shell”, halving the space it takes up. A standard 5-meter parking space can fit three Armadillo EVs. America’s MIT has worked on a similar project, a folding EV commuter called the Hiroko.

While these city EVs have a limited range of just 60 miles, or about 100 km, and the top speed is only about 40 mph, these vehicles would be perfect for tourists or travellers who left their own car behind. With more people moving into urban areas, and public transit systems increasingly crammed full of people, innovative transit solutions will become more and more important.

Perhaps one day having a parking spot all to yourself will be a luxury only the elite can afford, and the rest of us will have to fold our EVs up before putting them away for the night. I don’t mean to go all dystopian future on you, but it’s just one of the many scenarios I’m imagining with this unique EV. Do you think foldable EVs have a place in the future of personal transportation?

Source: PhysOrg

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