Switch to Ethanol, Break Records – No Regret Performance Hits 209 MPH

ethanol motorcycle

When the guys from No Regret Performance mounted their ethanol-fueled Suzuki and crossed the line at an East Coast Timing Association motorcycle racing event at more than 209 mph, they set a new standing-mile record. “It’s pretty nuts,” said Tyler Wallace, crew chief and lead assistant fabricator at No Regret Performance. It is, indeed … equal parts nuts and awesome!

The specific record they set was in the MPS-BF-750-4, which Wallace explains as a “modified body-blown fuel racing class for a 750 cc 4 stroke engines”. In this case, the modified throttle bodies get helped along by a TiAL-housing turbocharger and custom-built fuel rails and injectors to carry readily-available, pump-grade E85 into the Suzuki’s 100% stock bottom-end.

The choice of E85 is a conscious one, and the bike itself serves the team’s efforts to dispel the negative myths surrounding ethanol. The bike even carries flex-fuel badges clearly displayed on the bike’s fuel tank. “Everyone thinks it’s a joke ’til they hear the turbo and see the bike disappear,” says No Regret rider and tuner Trzebiatowski, who considers E85 plus the turbo he designed and built, a perfect combination. “If you know how to tune you can release power and run a renewable fuel,” he said, adding that he thinks ethanol is a great fuel for motorcycle racing, road driving and performance cars. In fact, he’s not going to stop at one E85 racing bike — he plans to optimize another stock bike for E85 in the future. “I love (the E85).”

I do too, Trzeb guy! Next up: we try to get No Regret Performance to run the Switzer F900 Porsche! Until then, enjoy some of my favorite No Regret Performance build photos from their Facebook page. Enjoy!


Sources | Photos: Ethanol Producer Magazine, No Regret Performance.

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