Hybrid Snowmobile Is Canada’s Secret Stealth Weapon

canadian-hybrid-snowmobileNever trust a Canuck; despite their fun, floppy heads and penchant for apologies, those sneaky Canadians can be some sly devils between eating poutine and playing hockey. Don’t believe me? Well when an army of Canadians rolls over our northern border this winter riding a fleet of stealthy hybrid snowmobiles, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The “Loki” is one of the Canadian military’s most prized projects, a gas-electric snowmobile that costs a whopping $620,000 to develop thus far. Designed for anti-terrorism work, designers have focused primarily on quiet-but-fast operation, allowing for stealthy insertions and extractions into sensitive areas. Keeping the battery pack operating at peak efficiency is also of great import to this project, and if it works as intended, the Loki could be the ride of choice for Canadian special forces.

Sure, it isn’t no pure-electric snow scooter, but Canada isn’t the only country exploring the use of electric vehicles and hybrids in the military. The U.S. is leading the charge in applying alt-fuel drivetrains, from the all-electric Zero MMX built for the special forces to hybrid armored personnel carriers designed solely to save fuel.

But a hybrid snowmobile named after the Norse god of trickery? That’s just cold.

Source: The Globe And Mail via Green Car Reports


Christopher DeMorro

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