Gordon Murray's T27 City Car Set to Begin Production

Gordon Murray t27 City Car

Gordon Murray is a big name in the automotive world, having been responsible for McLaren’s most famous road and racecars, as well as the lesser-known Teewave AR1 EV. Murray is also the genius behind the T27 city car shown here, which was first revealed over 2 years ago and is – finally! – headed to production.

On his “Planet Murray” blog, Murray made the following T27 announcement back in July:

Official press drives were organised for the T25 and T27 exclusively with Autocar, Top Gear and Fifth Gear, and I’m delighted to report that everyone enjoyed their driving experience in our little cars. The T25 and T27 concept has now been sold to a customer and with a following wind a lot more drivers should be able to enjoy the centre drive experience in 2016!

Murray isn’t building the cars himself (that was never part of the plan, according to Green Car Reports), but has sold the plans and whatever tooling he has to another, more established manufacturer to get the T27 into production. The real question, of course, is “who?”. “It’s a pity that in most cases we cannot mention customers by name or to talk publicly about the projects at this time,” says Murray, “but I am hoping that we’ll have some exciting products and programs to share with you very soon.”

You can read more about the announcement, and check out a few more T27 city car photos, by clicking the Green Car Reports link at the bottom of this article.


Source: Planet Murray, via Green Car Reports.

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