French Company H-Ker Working On Electric Cafe Racer

hker-eracer-3Electric motorcycles have arguably found greater acceptance than electric cars with the buying public, as well as with local governments and even the military. But you know what the world really needs? An electric cafe racer, which French company H-Ker is reportedly working on.

TechVehi filed an exclusive report after a tour of H-Ker’s French facilities, where they are also working on the H-Ker First, an all-electric racing bike with a top speed of up to 106 mph from a 56 horsepower motor. But for my money, I’d rather have this sweet-looking cafe racer, called the H-Ker eRacer. While less-powerful, it has a heightened “cool factor” to it if you ask me.

Specs haven’t been released, though it could have as much as 35 horsepower, with a top speed around 100 mph and a range of around 80 miles. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for cafe racers, and an all-electric one (at a reasonable price) could do very well with those looking to insert some 21st century “retro” into their lives.

For now though, the H-Ker eRacer remains a one-off prototype. Keep your fingers cross this electric cafe racer can become more than that though.

Source | Images: TechVehi


Christopher DeMorro

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