Say Hello to Tar Sands Timmy!

canadian tar sands

Meet “Tar Sands Timmy”, a fun, cartoonimated mascot for Canada’s massively destructive tar sands project that cheerfully explains why Canada needs the Keystone XL pipeline. Created by cartoonist Mark Fiore, the video (which first appeared in April) actually sums things up rather nicely, and is presented on the same “4th grade” intellectual level that most American tar sands supporters seem to operate on. It’s too bad they don’t understand satire, though, right?

Let’s remember that Greenpeace called Canada’s tar sands project (and, by extention, the Keystone XL pipeline) the worst environmental disaster in history, that bishop Desmond TuTu is totally opposed to it, that religious groups are divesting their interest in it, that people are going to jail for protesting against it, that it will raise US gas prices, and that industry experts predict it probably won’t create as many jobs as even its most dedicated supporters promise. Despite all that, some people still support the pipeline.

No hope for them, I guess … but maybe there is! Maybe it’s Tar Sands Timmy. Let’s give him a shot, then. Enjoy!


Sources: Mark Fiore, via Treehugger.

Jo Borrás

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