eRoadRacing Free Practice at IMS | A Learning Experience

Jeremiah Johnson in free practice. Photo Courtesy of Mark Troyer
Jeremiah Johnson in free practice. Photo courtesy of Mark Troyer

In Friday’s first practice of the weekend, eight of the FIM eRoadRacing bikes finished, but newcomer Cesar Gonzales had an electrical fault which kept him from finishing on his electrified “Hornet 1”. Here are statements from most of the riders after their first practice, including this one from Be-EV & Hollywood Electrics racer Jeremiah Johnson:

“Today was more of a matter of trying to figure out what gearing works best at this track. There are four Zeroes racing on Sunday and as we have such little track time; all four Zeroes went out today with different gearing to work out which would be best for all of us. So tomorrow we will be switching to a closer gearing between all of us. It was a good session but in regard to my top speed I had the slowest gearing ratio so I was slowest down the straightaway but the rest of the track was good, got to really get into the corners and get a feel for the track but tomorrow I will have a higher top speed and be able to do some faster laps.”

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has one of the longer front straights, at about half a mile (2,113ft to be exact) when using the MotoGP configuration, so this track is bound to run down the batteries a bit quicker than the other tracks they compete on. Have a look here.

Cesar Gonzales, Southern Polytechnic State University had this to say: We built an electric motorcycle in two weeks and brought it here to race. Gonzales will not be able to rebuild the bike in time for the Qualifying Practice on Saturday.

Shelina Moreda in free practice. Photo courtesy of Mark Troyer.
Shelina Moreda in free practice. Photo courtesy of Mark Troyer

Shelina Moreda is the only eRoadRacing competitor who’s actually ridden this track before, but on a very different motorcycle. She also races in the Harley Davidson XR1200 series.  Eric Bostrom mentioned in a panel discussion before the practice, hosted by Cycle World, that it was to be his first time here as well. Although he’s a veteran racer who’s won the AMA Championship before, that series has yet to compete at the Brickyard. In case you missed it, here’s the report from the Laguna Seca round of eRoadRacing.

The full results are as follows:

eRR FP Indy 2013

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