2014 Honda NSX GT Race Car Breaks Cover

wingsEasily one of the most hyped and anticipated sports cars of the next few years, the Acura NSX has been making waves in the press lately thanks to a series of videos and teaser shots. But the NSX will be more than a weekend toy for the wealthy; Honda intends to campaign the NSX in the Japanese Super GT series, and this morning the Honda NSX GT race car made its debut.

Just to clear up any confusion, in Japan the Acura brand doesn’t exist; that’s an American brand (because Americans can’t be bothered to separate premium and economy products under the same brand name). But the name isn’t the only difference between the street-going Acura NSX, which will be built in Ohio.

Rather than using a hybrid-V6 drivetrain setup, the Honda NSX GT race car will use a mid-mounted 2.0 liter turbo engine mated to a hybrid setup. Total output is estimated to be around 500 horsepower, which should make it more powerful than the street NSX as well.

Though it may be more powerful, the addition of at least a half-dozen body-wings and the huge (though thankfully functional) racing spoiler really hinders the appearance of this racing NSX. I much prefer the sleek look of the production model than this boy-racer body kit. But hey, as long as it wins races, it doesn’t much matter what the NSX looks like. Or does it?

Source: Honda

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