Young Japanese Driver Tries Crowdfunding A Formula E Team

yukiThe 21st century has brought about many societal and technological changes, among them the resurgence of electric cars and the use of crowdsourcing to fund projects or charities. 24-year old race car driver Yuki Shiraishi wants to use a Japanese crowdfunding website to put together a Formula E team to compete in next year’s inaugural electric racing series.

This isn’t just some kid from the streets; Yuki has been racing since he was 7, and he has already had some success in series like the Asian Formula Renault. While Yuki’s ultimate goal is to reach the top-tier Formula One series, before he gets there he’d like a chance to compete in the all-electric Formula E series. For that he turned to Japanese crowdsourcing website Countdown-X.

In fact, Yuki is already working with TommyKaira on the 305 horsepower ZZ EV roadster, an all-electric race car with 75 miles of racing range that weighs less than 1,900 pounds. So why not try to land big sponsors instead of crowdsourcing the money for a team? I’ll let Yuki explain;

“Crowdfunding is the perfect way to put together our power. Each of us may not have much impact on the world, but when we work together, we can even solve global issues. I sincerely hope you can support me with my goals to participate in Formula E and, ultimately, to create a better environment. I believe we can make it happen together.”

Yuki has his work cut out for him. With 21 days to go, Yuki has just 4% of the $30,000 he is trying to raise to get this team going, and he will be competing with the likes of McLaren and Andretti Racing. It’s an excellent project though, and would be an excellent blend of futuristic racing technology with social crowdsourcing, two cornerstones of the new millenium. Here’s hoping Yuki reaches his goal; maybe we can throw a few bucks his way as well.

Christopher DeMorro

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