The US Navy, Biofuels, and the Eco Arms Race

Navy Biofuels

America’s military leaders have been strong advocates for converting America’s war machine to renewable biofuels in general and ethanol in particular. US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus just wrote a new article over at Foreign Policy that lays out all of his reasons to move away from oil, from dependence on foreign powers to oil’s troublesome logistics, higher prices, and environmental impact. Tina Casey, over at our sister site, Cleantechnica, went through their stupid “you must register to read this even though we’re the government and we already know who you are” nonsense to read the whole thing and summarized it nicely (I thought), below. Enjoy!


A Must-Read By Navy Secretary Ray Mabus: Biofuel And The “Eco-Arms Race” (via Clean Technica)

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has been a fierce advocate for renewable energy in general and Navy biofuel in particular, and he’s just scribed a new article over at Foreign Policy that lays out all the reasons why domestic oil production will do little…

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