Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Lease Price Reduced To Just $139

smart-fortwo-electric-driveFrom overpriced to price war, electric car costs are plummeting on an almost monthly basis it seems. The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive fired the first shots with a MSRP under $25,000 before tax credits, and now they’ve gone and done it again, chopping the lease price down from $199 a month to just $139 a month.

That $139 per month lease price is for 36 months, with a $1,999 due at signing; total cost (before tax, title, yadda yadda) would be $7,000 for gas-free driving. The lease price requires customers to sign up for Smart’s Battery Assurance Plus, an $80-per-month battery leasing program that puts the care and concern of the battery in Smart’s hand. The program has already proven quite popular with many customers, with almost 90% opting to lease the battery rather than buy it outright.

Effectively, that means the lease price for each Smart is just $59 a month. Without signing up for the battery leasing scheme, the lease price is still $199 a month. The $139 price applies only to the coupe version; the cabriolet will cost $199 per month with the BAP plan. Furthermore, Smart will give dealers an additional $2,000 in “marketing assistance” that could be passed on to customers, though if Fiat dealer shenanigans are any indication, the dealers could just pocket that cash.

Still, for $139 a month,it is hard to go wrong with the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Most people spend at least that much per month in gas, and if you don’t need to go further than 80 miles per day, it could be a great alternative to any gas-powered automobile.

Source: Smart

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