Video: Watch the Best Driver in F1 Flog the New LaFerrari Hybrid

The last time we talked about Ferrari’s upcoming, 900+ hp LaFerrari hybrid was back in July, when the relative quiet from Maranello following the car’s March unveiling sparked rumors of production delays for the brand’s new flagship. Whether they have the cars sorted for production is still a matter of speculation, but Ferrari have certainly pulled no punches in getting the cars sorted for trackdays! Witness the glorious, swarthy man-candy that is two-time World Driver’s Champion Fernando Alonso get strapped into a pre-production LaFerrari and absolutely flog the thing around Ferrari’s private Fiorano test track.

That’s right, I said “swarthy man candy”. Try to focus!

The video doesn’t get too deep into technical details, and does very little (in my opinion) to address the lack of LaFerrari news coming out of the factory. It’s also worth noting that what is, arguably, the slickest feature of the car – its kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and hybrid drive system – aren’t highlighted, mentioned, or shown in operation. There’s not even a dashcam shot indicating that this is a hybrid!

My guess? Ferrari’s KERS is borked, and they don’t know how to fix it.

What about you guys? Do you think Ferrari’s got the LaFerrari hybrid systems working properly, or do you think the delays are as bad as everyone says? With a sonorous, V12 exhaust note like this one, though, do you even care? Let us know – and enjoy the video!


Sources: Ferrari, via Jalopnik.

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