Women on Motorcycles – Photography by Lanakila MacNaughton

Women on Motorcycles

Despite being 52% of the population, women still make up a minority of bikers. Photographer Lanakila MacNaghton hopes her new traveling photo-exhibit picturing real women on motorcycles (not actresses or models) will help to get more women involved with motorcycles and, ultimately, riding.

I am a 24 year old motorcyclist and photographer from Portland, Oregon. I was inspired to create the Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition (a traveling photography show) by the real women that ride, not models but genuine riders. I want to reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride. I’ve been shooting women along the west coast and hope to travel all over the country to document women in different cities. – Lanakila MacNaughton

Motorcycles combine high performance and high style with low manufacturing and operational footprints, so – naturally! – we’re big fans. Motorcycles and other 2-wheelers continue to be seen as low-cost, viable options for a number of city-dwellers who still haven’t taken a bite at the ridiculous “buy a new car, it’s just like your smartphone!” bait that automakers are constantly dangling in front of them. Vintage motorcycles, especially cafe racers and the old standards from Triumph and Honda, are not like smartphones, and they’re enjoying a renaissance … especially with women.

Lanakila’s “women on motorcycles” photographs certainly paint a positive and diverse picture of female riders, and I’m totally in love with that beach burnout shot of Cindy DuLong on her old-school Honda (link possible NSFW). I’ve included a few of my favorites from Lanakila’s exhibit, below, but you should definitely go check out the other 25 shots over at the official “The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition” homepage. Enjoy!


Sources | Photos: Women’s Moto Exhibit, via the Selvedge Yard.

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