Tesla Model S Deliveries Begin In Europe, Supercharger Network Announced

D-DAYWith production of the Tesla Model S exceeding expectations, and a location for European distribution already established, Elon Musk’s electric automaker is poised to invade the Old World. Tesla has begun delivery of the Model S to European customers as of this week, and a Supercharger network for Norway has also been announced.

The first Tesla Model S sedans have already been dropped off to customers in Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Norway, which has some of the highest electric car adoption rates in the world, is an especially tempting target for Tesla. The electric automaker expects to deliver as many as 800 Model S sedans in the Scandinavian nation by the end of 2013, despite being about 30% more expensive than the American models.

In order to encourage buyers, Tesla also announced that it would build a Supercharger network across Norway that will cover 80% of the population. The first Supercharger will be opened in Cinderella, Norway, according to a tweet from Musk himself, and I had to look it up to make sure was a real place. It is, near as I can tell, the Cinderella Cafe & Hotel in Gjersted, southwest of the capital of Oslo, and Supercharger construction is already underway according to a post on the Tesla Forums.

Once deliveries are really underway in Europe, Tesla can look towards its next most-promising market, Asia, where buyers are reportedly already lining up for the Model S. It’s starting to look like Tesla is only just hitting its stride, and its surging stock price may only go higher.

 Source: Tesla Motors Twitter

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