Video: Lawnbott is the Terminator's Self-driving Electric Lawnmower

behold the lawnbott

With a high-velocity 14″ cutting blade, advanced artificial intelligence, and rudimentary radar/”proximity sensor”, the LB3510 model from Lawnbott is just a few software upgrades away from being your new robot overlord. The Lawnbott’s makers at Kyodo America, though, insist that it’s just a lawnmower that (like iRobot’s Roomba or Google’s self-driving Prius) is simply here to serve.


The dubious claims of a company that gives its semi-autonomous robots both serious blade weapons AND an internet connection (so they can work together and coordinate attacks?) aside, the little Lawnbott brings up a good point. That being that most of our farm equipment or lawn and garden equipment in 2013 America is still gas-powered. This is Gas 2, though, so we’re looking ahead when it comes to cars, planes, boats, and … lawnmowers, I guess, and this all-electric lawnmower is definitely forward-looking. You can get a better sense of the LB3510’s features and benefits from the company’s brochure, below.


The LB3510 is the newest and most sophisticated robot mower on the planet. User programmable for up to 4 working zones, the LB3510 also comes standard with a double capacity Li-ion battery to power this larger model, covering homes up to 1 ½ acres. If you want the best in a robotic, electric mower, the LB3510 is it!


With the new LawnBott LB3510, KA Home Robotics has, once again, raised the bar in robotic lawn care. Larger yards tend to have more complicated shapes, the LB3510 accommodates this by being able to program up to 4 different working zones, to maximize its cutting efficiency. Even smaller yards that may have narrow passageways from one area to the next, can take advantage of this feature.

Safety and Security are further enhanced with the LB3510 through a higher sensitivity, free-floating, 360° bumper shell, rear-handle proximity sensor that stops the blade when touched, and an on-board alarm system should an unauthorized user pick up the LawnBott.

Utilizing a double capacity Li-ion battery to propel more powerful motors, the LB3510 can handle slopes up to 25°. It can also maintain a larger yard area, up to 40,000 sq. ft. That’s well over a 1 ½ acre home’s typical yard size.

Do any of you readers own a Lawnbott? If you do, we’d love to hear about it – so let us know what that’s like in the comments, below … and try not to piss it off!



Source | Photos: Lawnbott, via Paradise Robotics.

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