Infographic Shows How Prius And Tesla Buyers Differ

toyota-v-teslaFor the past decade the Toyota Prius hybrid dominated any conversation regarding “green cars”, but a new contender rode into town on an all-electric chassis. The Tesla Model S is the new darling of the green car movement, and you would think Prius and Tesla owners have a lot in common. But this nifty infographic shows just how broad the appeal of these two green cars really is.

Over a million people were sampled to put together this infographic comparing fans of both the Prius and the Tesla, and the two groups are as different as meatloaf and apple pie. Sure, you bake both in the oven, but one’s a delicious dessert and the other is a hearty dinner.

Food analogies aside, the infographic compared the interests of Prius and Tesla owners against the general population, and among their findings are some interesting datapoints.

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Prius fans are;

  • 4.7 times more likely to take part in waterfowl hunting
  • 9.1 times more likely to enjoy Tyler Perry flicks
  • 2.5 times more likely to take part in yoga
  • 13.6 times more likely to be an Apple product aficionado.

Yet Prius fans are less likely to enjoy NASCAR, waffles, and football. NASCAR I can understand, and football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But waffles? Who doesn’t like waffles? That one is a bit mind boggling to me.


Meanwhile, proponents of Tesla have their own set of data points that sets them apart. Tesla fans are;

  • 5.2 times more likely to enjoy cannabis (Nailed it. – Ed.)
  • 8.7 times more likely to be interested in wealth
  • 40 times more likely to be interested in Elon Musk’s SpaceX program
  • 5.8 times more into Victoria’s Secret products.

Interestingly enough, most Tesla fans don’t seem too concerned with the environment or sustainability, whereas Prius fans are. Prius fan also tend to prefer home-brewed beer, while Tesla fans are more likely to sip on Maker’s Mark or Jim Beam whiskey (Really guys? Jim Beam? You can do better).

It’s a really neat way to look at how different two green car communities can be from each other, and demonstrates the growing appeal of eco-friendly vehicles. Green is hip, green is cool, and green now has hunters, whiskey sippers, and business peeps on their side too.

Deal with it haters.


Christopher DeMorro

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