Phyto Kinetic Buses Put Rooftop Gardens On Public Transit

bus-garden-1Humankind has always been attracted towards both cities and nature, and finding a balance between 21st century urbanism and the environment is an ongoing challenge. With green space at a premium in many places, a Spanish landscape artist conceived of a lightweight rooftop garden placed atop public transit buses.

Marc Grañén is the artist who came up with the Phyto Kinetic mobile gardens, and he did it in a clever way that drastically reduces the weight of the greenspace. Using a lightweight hydroponic foam, rather than regular soil, the rooftop garden is a far more attractive concept as it doesn’t drastically affect the buses performance. A water-proof sealant keeps the garden from soaking riders, and baffles are used to ensure that the liquid moves around to prevent stagnation.

Water from air conditioning units can hydrate the garden, and Grañén estimates that larger cities could add over 100,000 square-meters of green space to their city using this method. Sure, you can’t chill in a bus-top garden per se, but the fringe benefits of having oxygen-producing plants travelling around, sucking up at least some of the massive amounts of pollution many urban areas wallow in.

While still a concept for now, with two buses converted to gardens-on-the-go. Perhaps one day we can add a little extra nature to our cities in the form of ever-moving gardens, bringing nature to you at every transit stop.

Source: UrbanGardensWeb via Inhabitat

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