Land Rover Electric Defender Begins Real World Trials At Eden Project

trial-by-trainThe Land Rover name has garnered a reputation for rugged reliability, and many an eyebrow was raised when a Land Rover Electric Defender was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. To show these EV Rovers are just as hearty as the conventional models, an Electric Defender has been sent to the Eden Project for some real-world testing. So far, so good!

Located in Cornwall, England, the Eden Project is a project funded to demonstrate the societal and environmental benefits of numerous technologies and actions. The Land Rover Defender Electric that was loaned to the Eden Project is used to tow tourist trolleys across the park, which is perfectly suited for the 50-mile range of the EV SUV.

Then again, one might say that the Eden Project is under-utilizing the Defender Electric, which can haul 12 tons up a 13% incline. It can also wade in up to three feet of water, for 8 hours at a time, without any negative effects on the all-electric drivetrain. The Defender Electric also has a reserve power pack good for another 12.5 miles of driving, and the regenerative braking system can recapture up to 80% of braking energy.

So really, using the Land Rover Defender Electric as a road train is barely tapping into its capabilities…but it’s a start. Is there a market for rugged off-road EVs? I sure as hell think so.

Source: Land Rover


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