Rumormill: Porsche Goes Green with New 36 MPG Blu Edition 911

Porsche Blu Edition

Rumors are starting to surface that Porsche’s next special edition will be a low-emissions, low-mass, and low-tech entry level 911 dubbed “the Blu Edition” as a follow-up to its recent recognition for green-tech leadership and the success of its sold-out Panamera hybrid. The pictures shown here certainly don’t appear to be real photographs, but Porsche hasn’t been historically shy when it comes to producing limited-run cars in outlandish color schemes, so these might be spot-on!

So, it’s hideous. The second downside is that the Blu Edition is expected to find its “low emissions” courtesy of a slightly detuned variant of the Porsche 911’s current 3.4-liter “corporate” flat-six engine. It’s said to develop “just” 345 hp, but matches the standard car’s 287 lb-ft of torque. With that in mind, the new Porsche 911 Blu Edition should go from 0-60 in just about 5 seconds flat, and hit a top speed said to be 18 kmh shy of the standard 911, which works out to 266 kmh (about 165 mph). The “low-power” Porsche will also have extremely low fuel consumption, however, and is expected to give back better than 36 mpg.

We’ll keep you posted on any Blu Edition news that pops up between now and the Frankfurt Auto Show in Spetember, where the Blu Edition is expected to debut.


Porsche Blu Edition

Source | Photos: TechVehi, GTSpirit.

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