Nissan Leaf Passes Chevy Volt in Sales Race (w/ video)

Leaf Sales Climbing

When Chevy launched its extended-range hybrid Jesus-car, the Volt, a lot of people who don’t “get it” thought that the Volt would be able to bring together the best of all possible worlds. It was an electric car 90% of the time, and only ran on gas when it “needed to”. That’s all well and good, but Chevy didn’t seem to understand that what electric car buyers want is an electric car, NOT a compromise. Nissan understood, however, and their brilliant “gas-powered EVERYTHING” ad, illustrates the point nicely. Give it a watch before we go on.

See what I mean?

The same sentiment was echoed by “Revenge of the Electric Car” producer Chelsea Sexton, when we drove Ford’s new Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid back in June. The Ford execs talked about a car that didn’t make its customers compromise, then followed up their talk with a car that was nothing but compromises … just like the Volt, actually, except not stupid-looking.

Once again, you’ve got to give it to Nissan – and it seems like you are! Despite heavy subsidies, a gov’t-funded PR initiative, its makers’ insistence that range anxiety is a thing, and a massive dealer network that dwarfs Nissan’s, the Volt has been out-sold by the plug-in only Nissan Leaf. Well done, Nissan!

You can read more on that story, originally published by our sister site, Cleantechnica, below. Enjoy!

Nissan Leaf Inches Ahead Of Chevy Volt In US (July 2013 Sales Update) (via Clean Technica)

This article was first published on EV Obsession. Nissan and GM (or the consumer who buy their electric vehicles) couldn’t make this sales rivalry more interesting. In June, the Chevy Volt inched ahead of the Nissan Leaf in 2013 sales. It was 9855…

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