Video: Poland is Going to Fracking Hell, is America Next?

Poland is Fracking Hell

In recent years, the fiercely independent people of Poland have found themselves caught up in the global hunt for natural resources. In this case, it’s natural gas, and the chemical fracking that companies are using to produce it is sending the country to “fracking hell”, according to the documentary film-makers at Journeyman Pictures.

In the US, unregulated fracking has been linked to cancer, water pollution, sinkholes, and even earthquakes and other “seismic events“. Poland, too, is facing these problems. Like their American counterparts, too, Polish farmers and landowners are being bullied to sell to crooked looters and “exploration services” companies.

In the words of one Polish farmer, one company threatened him with expropriation, fines, and “other things” if he maintained his unwillingness to sell and/or allow the exploration company to pull gas from his land.

It’s a nasty scene, and one that – to Americans – is all too familiar. You can check out the video for yourself, below.


Source: Journeyman Pictures.

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