Rendered: The Tesla Truck

tesla-truckYesterday we brought you a video of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk fielding questions from Tesla vehicle owners. One of the questions revived the issue of a Tesla truck, an idea first raised by Musk himself when discussing a potential Tesla factory in Texas. It’ll be awhile before we see a Tesla truck though, so I had Jo render one based on the Model S.

I’ll admit, this is probably not the truck Elon Musk has in mind, which he described as having a self-adjusting air suspension and a serious payload capacity. Rather, this is more of a El Camino-type car/truck, or a “ute” as the Aussies might call it. With that in mind, I’ve taken to calling it The Model U.

With two half-doors, a stubbier nose, and four or five feet of bed space, it certainly won’t replace the Ford F-150 as America’s best-selling vehicle anytime soon. But the SUV-like Tesla Model X is being built with towing in mind, even though towing with a Tesla vehicle isn’t always the best idea. Tesla could easily apply lessons learned in building the Model X to future Tesla truck. I’m envisioning a vehicle with at least 6,000 pounds of towing capacity, and a half-ton payload. That might be a bit ambitious for Jo’s rendering, but this is just the first of many renderings we plan to bring you.

That said, an all-electric truck with a 200+ mile range and the natural torque advantages electric motors have could be a serious contender for light or medium-duty work. Then again by the time such a vehicle comes to market, battery range could be 300 miles or more on a charge, easily.

Anyways, this is just our first take on a potential Tesla pickup. What do you like? What don’t you like? Leave some feedback so we can integrate it into our next rendering of what a Tesla truck might look like.

Christopher DeMorro

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