Video: Elon Musk Talks Tesla Truck, Valet Mode, And Roadster Upgrades

elon-musk-tesliveElon Musk loves to talk about Tesla Motors, and who can blame him? Musk is constantly dropping hints about his future plans. At a recent appearence at the inaugural TESLive conference, Musk teased a few more ideas for his future plans, including a Tesla Truck, a hidden valet mode, and upgrades for the original Tesla Roadster.

For those wanting to see the full hour-long townhall style Q&A with Musk, check out the video below. Suffice to say though much of it isn’t anything new. Right now the Tesla CEO is focusing on production of the Tesla Model S, installing more Supercharger stations across America, beginning international sales in Europe and China, and bringing the Model X to roads soon.

But Musk hasn’t forgotten the first friends Tesla made, the original Tesla Roadster owners. While he didn’t give much away, Musk did hint that big things were coming for Roadster owners, who cannot use either the Supercharger fast-charging stations or the upcoming battery-swapping technology. Let the speculation begin!

Musk also noted that the current Model S has a hidden valet mode that will, with a software update, be made available to owners to prevent any unauthorized hooning for their EV. There was also a mention of WiFi capability and Musk noted that no serious, permanent injuries or deaths have occurred from a Model S crash, an impeccable safety record (albeit one that cannot last forever).

But for me the highlight of the talk is when Musk explains his desire to build an all-electric pickup. The question is brought up at about 31:50 in the video below, and Musk seems really, really into the idea. Musk say’s he is “keen” on the idea and that the capabilities of a Tesla truck, and that the key to building such a vehicle is a suspension that can optimize distribution of the payload. Musk first brought up a Tesla-built truck when talking to Texas legislators.

It will be some time before a Tesla truck becomes a reality though, with at least three major product launches (the Model X, a BMW 3-series fighter, and a Roadster sequel) planned for the next few years. Something tells me it’ll be well worth the wait though.


Christopher DeMorro

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