Video: Acura NSX Teased In New Vine, Instagram Videos

acura-nsx-prototypeThe return of the Acura NSX as a hybrid supercar is being hailed by Honda and hybrid fans alike as the second-coming of an automotive deity, and with good reason. Speed, agility, and efficiency are at the heart of the new Acura NSX, which will be built right here in America, and Acura has seen fit to tease fans with a short teaser video from the Vine app, as well as the first official prototype photos.

While its official debut remains set for 2015, Acura will roll out a pre-production model for gawkers ahead of the IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio next month. The direct injection V6 engine will be paired with three electric motors, one integrated into the motor and two driving the front wheels, and while power figures have not been divulged, I doubt any of us will be disappoitned.

As much as we want the NSX on the road now though, it still has a while before it will enter production, as 2015 is the goal date for production and pricing will be aimed for between $120,000 and $200,000. So for most of us, this teaser video or shots from auto shows are as close as we’ll come to the real thing.

But that sound, isn’t it just wonderful?

Source: Acura

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