Infographic: Renewable Energy, 3D Printing Among Fastest-growing Industries


Using data compiled from a number of sources, the infographic below shows off some of the fastest-growing industries and job-producers of the last year. Topping the list is “Green & Sustainable Energy”, which – if you’ve been paying attention to this network in recent years – should come as no surprise. The same goes, I think, for 3D printing. There were a few surprises, though: hot sauce production, for example, made the top 10 list (but not the infographic). I guess that Oatmeal guy has more readers than I thought!

You can check out the full infographic, below … and let me know how many of you are playing Facebook games, I guess. That seems to be a thing. Enjoy!


jobs infographic

Sources: MyCorporation, IBISWorld.

Jo Borrás

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