Want Your Money to Support Your Cause? Don't Boycott, Buycott!

Boycott Koch Brothers

Everyone worth their oxygen has a cause these days. Whether that cause is free expression, clean energy, organic foods, or campaigning against gun violence, though, it’s hard to make your dollars work for that cause when you’re, let’s say, “shopping at the supermarket”. Will buying “Brand X” toilet paper fund a bunch of homophobic nonsense? Will picking up a bottle of milk from “Brand Y” funnel money to the morally reprehensible Koch suckers brothers and the rest of the awful, Tea Party weirdos? Will buying “Brand Z” pasta help fund the proliferation of GMOs? While I was at the Further With Ford conference last month, I learned that buying Coca-Cola products helps fund research into things like the renewable-materials PlantBottle, but not everyone gets to go to trend conferences and rub elbows with industry big-wigs. That’s what Buycott is for.

The developers of the Buycott app for iOS and Android explain their product by saying that “a ‘buycott’ is the opposite of a boycott. Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles.”

Buycott lets shoppers choose a cause that they believe in – whatever it might be! – and the looks up the product, determines what brand it is, then figures out what company owns that brand, then who owns that company, etc. Buycott will then cross-check the product owners’ financial and political contributions against the companies and brands included in the campaigns you’ve joined, in order to tell you if the scanned product conflicts with one of your campaign commitments.

Want to support Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law? Buycott will help you spend accordingly.

Want to pressure Florida to repeal the racist and draconian “Stand Your Ground” law that enables fat, wanna-be cops to shoot unarmed teenagers all they want (as long as they’re black)? Buycott will help you me spend accordingly.

You know what to do now, gang: share that photo (at top) on your Facebook page, and put your dollars to work for causes you believe in, whatever they might be.


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Jo Borrás

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