FineLine Performance Delivers LeMans-ready Gulf Livery Pit-bike

Gulf Yamaha Zuma 125

This is Evan Villareal’s Gulf livery Yamaha Zuma 125 scooter, and if there was ever a pit-bike that was perfect for a LeMans race team, you are now looking at it.

First, there’s the graphics. Regardless of how you feel about Gulf oil and their sweaty-looking CEO, everyone from Ford to Aston Martin to Porsche understands that the particular blue/orange combination that is the “Gulf livery” gives a car at least 5 more horsepower and lets it pull an extra 0.05g in cornering. It’s not much, and my friend Jeremy Hall (who turned me on to Evan’s ride) assures me that stickers do not make a car or bike faster, but trust me: every now and then, it’s enough of a difference to win a race.

I promise.

Here’s a quick rundown of the bike’s parts list, from Evan, himself.

This has been a long project that’s been modded from front to rear with FLP wheels, an HID headlight conversion, RPro bars, a Koso cluster, DrowSports carbon fairing, FLP swingarm extension “stretch” kit … everything in the transmission has been upgraded as well. We bought the bike with plenty mods from a local, Denver rider, and put plenty of R&D into getting that rear wheel to work on the FLP components!

To make sure the Gulf pit-bike lived up to its LeMans performance legacy, Evan boosted the Yamaha’s factory 125 cc motor with an RC Scooter 155 cc big-bore kit breathing through a 1.5″ intake with foam performance filter that exhales through a high-flow Beams exhaust. The upgrades make for a seriously quick urban ride (my stock 125 cc was much more than a match for city traffic), and still gives back more than enough MPG to earn a spot on my next “best fuel efficient motorcycles” list (which I won’t go to the Tribune for, because they don’t know how to fact-check).

If you’re in the Denver area and are looking for a seriously stylish, fuel-sipping ride that turns heads and zips through modern-day traffic, Evan is your man.


Source | Photos: FineLine Performance, via Enviromoto.

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