Epic Biker Grandpa is Chock-full of Old Man Bada**ery!

Epic Biker Grandpa

Even at 91 years old, Arnold Robinson is probably cooler than you. Don’t take it too hard, the Tauranga, New Zealand native is probably cooler than all of us, too – if his Harley-Davidson styled mobility scooter is anything to go by!

Robinson says his epic biker grandpa scooter uses light motorcycle parts and is based on a Harley-Davidson “style” motorbike. As you can imagine, the scoot gets lots of attention! “What happens is if I leave it outside a shop, people mill around it and do this and that. At one point (I came out of the shop and found) three people taking photos of it.”

The scooter reportedly cost around $6250 New Zealand dollars (call it $4995, US) … which is a great buy considering the ultra-lame and totally boring scooters $4K normally buys you. Robinson agrees, saying “it was a good price to pay for ‘big boys and their big toys’.”

Robinson plans to continue riding his electric scooter to farmers markets and his regular hospital appointments, with the biggest obstacle he’s faced so far being cleaning the bike! “I cleaned it for the first time on Monday. It’s a bit hard for me to clean. I can walk around and do anything myself but I do have the body of a 91-year-old.”

Keep riding strong, Arnold. You da man.



There are more pictures! BWAAAAAHAHAHAA!!

old guy biker

Source | Photo: the Bay of Plenty Times.

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