Beer is the REAL American Hero as Bell's Puts a Hurting on the Keystone Pipeline!

Real American Hero = Beer

When I think of the Keystone pipeline and all its conned, duped, and explicitly evil supporters at home and abroad, it makes me feel like I need a beer. So does beer. So does a lot of things. This isn’t about me, though, it’s about Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery. The very same brass-balled Bell’s who has just filed a lawsuit against the company Enbridge, whose busted pipeline spilled nearly 850,00 gallons of Line 6B oil into the Kalamazoo River, making it the largest tar sands oil spill in US history when it happened back in 2010.

In a recent statement, the president of Bell’s Brewery, Larry Bell explained that his company “has a longstanding commitment to quality. While Bell’s uses water from the municipal water system to brew our beer, the pristine cleanliness of the water and air around our brewery and neighbors is of the utmost importance to us.”

Bell has the beer money legal chops to make life really expensive for Enbridge and the rest of “Big Oil”, especially if other lawsuits starts piling on. What this means for the Keystone XL pipeline is that, even while overall pipeline safety might be as good as the price-gouging s***bags in the oil industry claim it is (it’s not), accidents do happen … and, when they do, the consequences can be financially catastrophic and especially long-lasting.

You can get the full story from Tina Casey, who originally published this article on our sister site, Cleantechnica. Read it closely, folks, because you won’t hear much about it in the mainstream press – I promise!


New Beer Lawsuit Could Spell Trouble For Keystone XL Pipeline (via Clean Technica)

Bell’s Brewery, which bills itself as the oldest and largest brewery in Michigan, has just filed a lawsuit against the company Enbridge and if that name doesn’t ring a bell, think back to July 26, 2010 when an Enbridge pipeline broke and spilled…

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