Tesla Buys Test Track Next To Fremont Factory

tesla-test-trackWhen GM pulled out of the NUMMI factory in Fremont, California, it looked like the end for the massive manufacturing facility. But then Tesla joined with Toyota to save the plant, and today more than 400 Model S electric luxury sedans leave the factory every week. To help expedite the testing and tuning process, Tesla even purchased the test track next door.

The 35-acre test facility was bought by Tesla from Union Pacific for an undisclosed amount, and includes several existing structures. Considering this test track is located in the center of one of the priciest and most densely-populated urban areas in America, it couldn’t have been cheap.

But in the long run the facility will help Tesla test its latest and greatest models right next to the factory, meaning there are no transportation or facility rental fees to worry about. There is still another 22-acre parcel next to the factory for sale, though Tesla has not made any indication that they are also interested in that land.

Elon Musk did try to sway the Texas legislature with plans for a new factory in the Lone Star state, but for now it looks like Tesla is firmly rooted in Fremont, California.


Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal

Christopher DeMorro

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