Video: The Best Wooden Car You Can Buy is Still a Morgan


If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight, low-emissions car that looks like a million bucks, goes like stink, and is made almost entirely of renewable and recycled materials in a low-energy, low-emissions factory then you, dear friend, are shopping for a Morgan. A few weeks ago, I made a comment that boiled down to “if you have the means, buy a Morgan“, and the video, below, spends about 20 minutes backing me up.

What’s in the video? I’m glad you asked!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled and watch out for references to Morgan’s fuel-cell concept car, being developed in conjunction with BMW. Pay attention when they mention that, because of the low load that Morgan’s lightweight wood and aluminum chassis place on the engines, they can run older V8s and still meet the most stringent fuel-efficiency standards. Make a note of Morgan’s leadership in aerospace materials and alternative fuel technologies, and definitely pay attention to the way Charles Morgan talks about wanting to build a wooden car that can be “kept going”, and be passed on from generation to generation. And don’t forget Morgan’s use of ash wood in his cars’ frames! Morgan says wood gives his cars unique strength, flexibility and (according to research) makes the cars safer in crash tests!

Neat stuff.

So, here is a fantastic, 20-ish minute production from Drive’s Matt Farah that gives viewers a remarkably in-depth look at how Morgan’s wooden cars are built, and what makes the cars – and the company! – truly special. The wood part starts at about 5:40 in. Enjoy!

Source | Photos: Morgan, via Drive.

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