Not So Fast, Big Oil: the AAA is NOT Against Ethanol or E15

AAA says Ethanol is A-OK

The AAA is North America’s largest auto club, and they’re everyone’s go-to phone number when you’re stranded on the side of the road or want a discounted hotel rate. According to the AAA, they’re also one of the most often mis-quoted agencies when it comes to ethanol and the EPA’s (recently upheld!) push for E15!

In an official statement released this past week, the AAA spoke out against the American Petroleum Institute (API) ads, stating that “this commercial is the latest in a series of communications on social media and elsewhere which portray AAA as being ‘anti-ethanol’. This is not the case … AAA remains a strong supporter of the development and use of alternative fuels such as ethanol. The auto club believes ethanol fuels provide motorists with a choice at the pump that promotes U.S. energy independence, supports American and South Dakotan jobs, and can save the consumer money.”

The AAA is specifically mentioning ads and rhetoric that are part of the API’s latest campaign to reduce the role of ethanol as an available alternative fuel, and is calling for API to have ads and articles mentioning the AAA in an anti-ethanol context taken down immediately.

The Senior Vice President for the American Coalition for Ethanol, Ron Lamberty, thanked AAA for speaking out against the API’s latest anti-E15 campaign. “We are pleased with the reactions to these inaccurate ads. I think what this shows is the amount of support here in the heartland of the nation for ethanol and higher ethanol blends like E15,” said Lamberty.

Now, I’ll grant you that holding up one lobbyist over another and saying “this guy’s right!” might seem a bit suspect – but if you’re still confused about the API’s motivation vs. Lamberty’s then you might also think the Earth is 6000 years old and/or may be in the market for a large, free-standing bridge. If either of those are true, please leave your email address in the comments, below. My Nigerian cousin will be in touch with an incredible, money-making opportunity in the next few days.


Source: AAA, via Domestic Fuels.

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