Razor Crazy Cart Will Get Your Kid Ready for Fast and Furious 17 (w/ video)

Razor Crazy Kart

You’re a green car enthusiast with a kid, and said kid is just about dirt-bike age. You want your child to be able to experience some motorized excitement, learn the fundamentals of vehicle control, and be able to wrap their heads around the basic responsibilities involved with owning and operating a vehicle … but you’re not exactly “on board” with buying them a small, dirty, 2-stroke dirtbike. What do you do? Razor scooters and Toys R Us hope you’ll turn to their latest joint venture product: the Razor Crazy Cart.

The Crazy Cart is a 100% electric vehicle mimics the visual shape and control layout of more traditional go-karts, but drives itself with a single front-wheel mounted electric motor. The rear wheels are mounted, essentially, on heavy-duty casters, making the front wheel responsible for all the steering and accelerating … which means the Crazy Cart is specifically built to drift. Here’s their official announcement, below.

Razor has partnered exclusively with Toys R Us to debut the most exciting electric ride-on in years: the Crazy Cart! What you see is what you get … the Crazy Cart really allows drivers to move and drift in every direction!

The original concept for the Crazy Cart came about over 7 years ago, but the powers-that-be were skeptical that people would understand what it is/does, let alone want to buy one; so this amazing concept sat on the shelves for years … until now!

I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t know what drifting is, then you’re probably too old to be on the internet. If you want to see if you can justify buying your own high-powered, low-cg, electric drift machine and justify it to your significant other as a toy that’s “you know, for kids!”, watch the video, below, and get your credit card ready. The Crazy Cart is a Toys R Us exclusive (for now) and starts at $399.


Source | Photos: Razor, via Green Car Reports.

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