Gulf Oil CEO Grinds My Gears with Fear-mongering Nonsense (w/ video)

Joseph Petrowski

In an interview on CNCB’s Squak Box show, Gulf Oil CEO Joseph Petrowski “warns” Americans that reduced demand for oil – due in part to decreased reliance on fossil fuels for heating, plastics, and people driving less, in general – could drive the price of oil down to nearly $50/barrel, thereby causing instability around the world, from Iran to Venezuela to Russia. The fear-mongering sonofabitch is also quick to point out that a drastic drop in oil prices wouldn’t come with a drastic drop in retail fuel prices … but we already knew the oil companies have been price gouging Americans at unprecedented levels over the last 2 years, didn’t we?

We did.

You can sense Petrowski’s fear – and the host’s bizarre desire to suck up to Gulf Oil, for some reason – in the first few seconds of the CNBC interview, below. He talks about record oil production and the lack of accompanying record demand in the BRIC countries and the traditionally strong US/European markets as factors driving the costs down, but then talks up the bad news as if low oil prices are the 5th horseman or something. Watch it, and see if you see what I see …

… did you see it?

Did you see the stupid old white man who wasn’t quite sure how he was going to keep his way of life going responding to a threat to his status quo by shoveling a ton of bulls*** specifically intended to incite fear in under-educated middle-American minds? These nuts at MSNBS even called the segment “Pain at the Pump” which means something much different to me (and, I think, most of America) than it does to these Gulf Oil and CNBC clowns, who actually refer to a drop in oil prices as a harbinger of some sort of “economic armageddon” and about a minute into the interview.

The best part of his nonsense is that, as a glorified grease salesman for Gulf Oil, Petrowski’s the guy who’s going to suffer the most from a drop in oil prices … which is awesome. I SO hate this guy.

This Petrowski jerk goes on to complain that Americans are no longer using oil for heating, and are almost fully “off” of oil for production of electricity. He complains about renewable biofuels. He complains that oil isn’t subsidized enough. He complains about the spread of democracy in the Middle East. He complains That’s right, kids: he’s complaining about progress!

Petrowski goes on to suggest that oil-producing Middle Eastern governments will fall into political unrest without high oil prices keeping the royal families strong, and that the political instability because of this drop in oil prices could strengthen Sharia and Sunni groups (GOP buzzwords for “ZOMG! Bad terrorists!”). To wrap it all up in a big ol’ ball of hypocrisy and “I dunno!”, Joseph Petrowski then says “nobody wants to live (under) a non-libertarian regime” about 3:40 in.

:: breathe, Jo- breathe ::

Because my editor will no longer allow me to call people nasty names and/or question the relative chastity of their mothers in published articles, I have come up with more measured, well-reasoned response (inspired by the late Johnny Carson).


Carnac the Great

Source: CNBC.

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