Elon Musk To Make Mach-1 Hyperloop Announcement In August

hyperloop-tubeIs Elon Musk the modern day reincarnation of Nikola Tesla? He sure seems like it, and after launching successful space and electric car companies, Musk’s next ambitious project is a “hyperloop” mass transit system capable of speeds of 1,000 mph or more, and he announced via Twiiter that he’ll be posting the alpha design on August 12th, seeking improvement and input.

The hyperloop concept is a simple premise, utilizing a sealed vacuum tube stretching across the country. Capsules of people or products would zip along in these frictionless tubes at speeds of around 800 mph, and perhaps even as fast as 4,000 mph. This would allow for trips between New York City and L.A. in about 40 minutes or so.

Musk, who already has his hands full with Tesla Motors, is releasing the alpha design of his hyperloop for public input. As Musk envisions, the system would be solar powered, accident-free, twice as fast as an airplane, and is ready to leave when you are. Oh, it will also be cheaper than building train lines as well.

It all sounds very Futurama to me, but Musk has already done the impossible with Tesla, so doubters beware.

Source: Carscoops | Twitter

Christopher DeMorro

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