Volvo Solar Pavilion Concept Requires Ph.D in Spatial Mathematics to Re-fold

Solar Volvo concept car

This is one for the older Gas 2 readers. If you’re under- let’s call it 30. If you’re under 30, just stop reading. You won’t get it. If you’re over 30, then I’m betting you took one look at Volvo’s “pavilion” electric car charging concept and had immediate, horrifying, PTSD-style flashbacks to long road trips with your family absolutely screaming at each other over one of those gas-station-y folding maps. God help you if you couldn’t re-fold the map correctly, and no-one (NO-ONE!) can re-fold those things correctly.

If you don’t believe that claim, check out what I found when I did a Google search for “how to fold a road map“, below.

Good luck.
Good luck.

Granted, there are a number of good things to say about this solar Volvo Pavilion. For starters, it would allow to re-charge your diesel V60 or XC60 Plug-in Hybrid model Volvos without worrying about whether your electricity was coming from dirty coal or ground-up unicorns. The solar Volvo Pavilion will also feed energy back to the grid when it’s not charging your car, which helps it pay for itself while it’s not helping you lower your car’s gas bill.

So, plenty of good – and, yet …

As I understand it, Volvo intends for that solar charger (sorry, “Solar Volvo Pavilion”) to fold-up and go with you like one of those spring-loaded dashboard sunshades, so you can charge up on clean solar everywhere you go. The problem with that, frankly, is that the solar Volvo Pavilion is huge, and would take up 2 parking spaces. At least.


It Will Make You Park Like an A**hole


You know who takes up 2 parking spaces? A**holes.

Park Like an Asshat

Don’t be that guy. Seriously.

Add to your considerations the fact that you’ll need a Ph.D in spatial mathematics to fold that Pavilion thing back into your trunk, and I think you’ll agree: we should find whoever wants to do this to us and punch them in the face.


Source | Photos: Volvo, via Planetsave and Cleantechnica.

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