For Science! Major Obstacle for Ethanol Fuel Cells Overcome

ethanol fuel cells

What awesome, ethanol-related thing happened this time? I’m glad you asked! It seems like researchers at the A*STAR Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences in Singapore have developed a process for pulling fuel-cell hydrogen from ethanol that virtually eliminates the harmful carbon emissions of current hydrogen-extraction processes.

That’s right, gang: there’s a new way to make an ethanol fuel cell with virtually none of the drawbacks of the natural-gas/fossil fuel derived versions. As if to spite the ridiculous banter of oil industry lobbyists, the science-denying GOP puppet groups who invented the “food not fuel” lie, and corporatist/neo-liberal “intellectuals”, it seems like corn ethanol’s biggest allies (math, science, and empirical evidence) have come together once again to make corn seem that much more awesome by turning hydrogen – the last gasp of hope for the price-gouging fossil fuel giants that are pushing for natural-gas-derived hydrogen to power the fuel cell cars of the future – into a renewable, abundant, cost-effective biofuel that does NOT impact food prices.

Expect more on this technology in the coming months, as the US military puts a similar ethanol fuel cell technology through its paces. Until then, you can check out the full, more science-y article (originally published at our sister site, Cleantechnica) below. Enjoy!


Ethanol Steam Reforming For Fuel Cells — Major Obstacle Overcome (via Clean Technica)

Ethanol steam reforming is a process whereby hydrogen gas can be generated directly within fuel cell systems by decomposing bioethanol — all that’s necessary are catalysts. The main appeal of the approach is that it would allow the continued use…

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