Russian Yo Mobile Slashes Preliminary Production Predictions


Yo Auto, Russia’s favorite, locally-built CNG hybrid manufacturer, took a big step away from relevance and credibility last week. Despite a sold-out 10 year run of Yo Mobiles and the backing of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s Onexim Group to pay the bills, Yo Auto has cut Yo Mobile production predictions from 90,000 per year to just 40,000.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Russia – anyone, for that matter – push out 40,000 clean-burning, CNG-fueled, gas/electric hybrid cars into the hands of consumers in a given year. Still, a nearly 60% reduction in proposed production can’t be seen as “good news” for Yo Auto investors and potential Yo Mobile customers/dealers, who probably wouldn’t call the move “confidence-inspiring”, you know?

You know.

Vladimir Putin, however, seems to still back Yo Auto and the Yo Mobile, so there’s a good chance it may yet see the light of day at the promised 2015 “production start” date. Which date, you might notice, is only a few years past the date given at the Yo Mobile’s initial reveal – way back in 2010!

While you wait, you can out the Yo Mobile infographic from Russian news source RIA, below. Enjoy!


Russian Yo Mobile Infographic

Source | Photos: RIANovosti.

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