Project Better Place Saved! 15 Charging Stations to Stay Online

Project Better Place

Project Better Place was an ambitious battery-swapping program that hoped to make electric cars every bit as convenient as petroleum-fueled cars that could be topped off in minutes at a gas pump. Sadly, the Israel-based arm of Renault-backed Better Place went under, and was set to be liquidated last month after declaring bankruptcy.

That was then. As of today, it seems like the company may be getting a second chance. Israeli businessman Yosef Abramowitz (owner of Arava Power, a solar energy provider in the region) seems set to buy Project Better Place’s Israeli assets and bring them under his Sunrise SL corporate umbrella.

Israeli courts approved the sale to Sunrise SL yesterday, in the amount of 3.75 million Euros. That means Abramowitz will own all the real estate assets of the Israeli division of Project Better Place, as well as Israel’s 15 operational battery swap stations. Abramowitz’ group is reportedly also pursuing the possibility of purchasing the intellectual property rights associated with the battery-swap technology from the Denmark arm of the company for an additional 5.2 million.

With innovative companies like Tesla joining the battery-swap movement and Better Place/Renault partner Nissan becoming more committed to pure electric vehicles every day, it looks like Abramowitz and Project Better Place may have the last laugh after all. Here’s hoping!


Source | Photos: Motorpasion.

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