Electric Race Car Wins Formula Student Competition For The First Time

formula-student-evBeing an engineering student ain’t easy, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. But engineering students arguably have the coolest competitions, like the Formula Student race that pits engineering students from across Europe in a contest of handling speed. While normally dominated by gas-powered karts, this year electric cars took both first and second place, perhaps signifying a paradigm shift in this collegiate motorsport.

AZM Racing, from ETH Zurich in Switzerland, scored a total of 921.3out of 1,000 points in a series of events that include a 22km/13 mile endurance event, time trials, autocross, figure-eight, and acceleration events. Despite having some electrical gremlins, the team handily outpaced the gas-powered competition, which suffered in the face of higher-than-average temperatures.

A distant second-place went to USA Zwickau, which scored 851.5 points, which still beat out a cadre of favored gas-powered cars. Electric cars have only been competing for five years in Formula Student, failing to even finish the endurance events at first. Now though, they are winning, and could change the way other engineering teams approach the competition next year.

Electric cars are already making moves on entry-level motorsports; how soon before they start dominating other, bigger races as well?

 Source: Earth Techling

Christopher DeMorro

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