Berlin Chosen As Formula E Finalizes 2014 Race Calendar

formula-e-electric-race-car-berlinNext September, a new motorsport will quietly take to the tracks of ten different international hotspots in a bid to bring electric racing excitement to the masses. The Formula E competition is electric racing to the next level, and the German capital of Berlin has been chosen as the tenth and final location for the inaugural season.

Berlin will join Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Miami, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Rome, London, Putrajaya, and Bangkok in hosting the 2014 Formula E racing season. Ten teams with two drivers each will compete for the first Formula E trophy in 300 horsepower electric race cars designed by Dallara. There are reportedly another eight teams also interested in joining the sequel season, even though Formula E has yet to hold its first race.

Big names like Drayson Racing, Bluebird, and McLaren have already signed on to the first Formula E season. The $3.3 million team budget cap has also reportedly drawn the interest of a major IndyCar team, which will be announced by the end of the summer. The first race won’t be held until September of 2014 though, and the final calendar still has to be approved by the FIA.

The closest race to me will be Miami, so I better start saving my pennies now, eh?

Source: AutoWeek


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