More Food v. Fuel anti- Ethanol Nonsense

Les Brown Ethanol

The anti-ethanol lobbyists really know how to appeal to the lowest common denominator, I’ll give ’em that. “Ethanol is bad for cars!” is one of my favorite hysterical, know-nothing battle cries. The other is “Corn is for food, not fuel!”

The food/fuel “debate” has bascially run like this: a bunch of anti-ethanol, pro-oil corporatists and climate-change denying GOP puppet groups make false, un-backed claims about ethanol raising the costs of food, farmers (you know, the people actually growing the food) say, “No, no- it’s climate change and high gas prices that’s driving up the cost of fuel.” and we go round and round.

The latest crazy-pants to write down a bunch of pseudo-scientific nonsense on the topic of food/fuel is radical neo-liberal Lester Brown, whos is definitely full of shit brown stuff.

The article originally appeared on our sister site, Sustainablog, which gave this Les Brown jacka** a forum to shout his record profit-having oil industry buddies’ crack-a-ganda from for some reason that I cannot fathom.

So, if you want to build up some proper Saturday morning rage, read on (I made thee mistake of doing so, and the result is the rant you just read). If you have better things to do that upset yourself by reading the pseudo-scientific work of idiots that were seemingly bought and paid for by oil lobbyists, just shut this down and go do those things.

I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂


Full Planet, Empty Plates: Chapter 4. Food or Fuel? (via sustainablog)

Editor’s note: We’re proud to support the Earth Policy Institute’s online publication of Lester Brown’s most recent book Full Planet, Empty Plates by publishing selections from the book. If you missed other installments, you can find them…


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