Further With Ford 2013: Part 2.1

Ford 3d Printing

While I was waiting on the necessary goodie bags from Ford to finish up “Part 3” of this little adventure, I happened to catch some “unclassified” video of Ford’s advanced new 3D printing system, which we weren’t allowed to film while I was there.

You can check out my summary if Ford’s new sheet metal printer from Further With Ford 2013 in my article, below, originally published on Cleantechnica.


I Went To Detroit To Play With Ford (Part 2.1) (via Clean Technica)

Back in June, I spent three days in Detroit at the 2013 “Further With Ford” conference talking about trends in technology with Ford execs and a crew of invited bigwigs. One of the things we talked about was 3d printing and its impact on the rapid…


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