2014 Ford Focus EV Gets $4,000 Price Cut

focus-electric-priceFollowing on the heels of cars like the Nissan Leaf and Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, the Ford Focus Electric is getting a chunky price cut to make it more competitive with other electric cars. Unfortunately, even after hacking $4,000 off the MSRP, the Ford Focus Electric remains one of the most expensive EVs you can buy. When will Ford get serious about electric cars?

The Ford Focus Electric price was lowered from $39,200 to $35,200, and once you apply the $7,500 Federal tax rebate, the price falls to $27,700. That’s pretty good, and had it happened a few months ago Ford would have had an advantage over other EVs.

Unfortunately, the cost of the Nissan Leaf dropped over $6,000, and other new entrants like the Fiat 500E start at just $32,500. So even if Fiat is losing $10,000 for every EV they sell, an entire year’s supply was gobbled up in just a few months. For all of 2013, Ford has sold just 900 Focus Electrics; the Nissan Leaf has sold almost 10,000 units through June.

While this price cut may attract a few additional customers, it still seems like Ford is treating electric vehicles as a distraction, rather than a real alternative to conventional cars. It’s a shame, because the Focus Electric is a wonderful car, albeit an expensive one. Still, maybe this lower MSRP will stimulate sales enough for Ford to start taking electric cars seriously.

Source: Ford

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