Further With Ford 2013: Part 2

Further With Ford #FordTrends 2013

Days 2 and 3 of last month’s Further With Ford tech conference were considerably more involved than day 1, and there were plenty of bright-spots in between moments of weirdness. There was enough weirdness, by the way, to elicit the following paragraph:

Quirky weird. Fun weird. But — make no mistake — (Detroit is) utterly, unmistakably, and unashamedly bats*** weird.

Don’t you want to know what I was talking about? Aren’t you wondering if it involved a vintag Saab planter and the Coca-Cola polar bears? Of course you are! Check out the next Further With Ford 2013 article, below, originally published on Cleantechnica.


I Went To Detroit To Play With Ford (Part 2) (via Clean Technica)

For those of you just getting here, this is part 2 of my Further With Ford 2013 tech conference coverage. As I mentioned before, days 1 and 2 consisted of a series of seminars with Ford execs and corporate bigwigs from companies like Coca-Cola, Pixar…

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