British Racing Outfit Bluebird To Build Electric Sports Cars

bluebird-gtl-formula-e-racer-lgIn the 1920s and 30s, Sir Malcolm Campbell raced and set numerous land speed records, including becoming the first person to drive over 300 mph in 1935. His son, Donald Campbell continued that tradition and passed it down to his grandson, Don Wales, who today carries on Campbell’s proud legacy. Bluebird is apparently going beyond just racing though, and will soon offer electric sports and race cars for sale to the general public.

Bluebird will produce 50 DC50 electric sports cars to commemorate Malcolm and Donald Campbell’s various records. The DC50, rendered above, will supposedly offer 360 horsepower and a real-world driving range of 200 miles, and will be painted that famous Bluebird tone.


The other car Bluebird will build is an all-electric racer called the Bluebird GTL. It has been built with the Formula E series in mind, as Bluebird has already announced its intentions to compete in Formula E. No word on when or if it will actually be available.

In 2000, Wales and Bluebird set the U.K. electric land speed record at 139 mph, though they failed to break their own record and lost it to another EV company. However, Wales did set a new steam-powered land speed record in the British Kettle Racer, going over 148 mph on steam power. Bluebird is a pioneer of alternative-fuel racing, and I can’t cheer loudly enough for their exceptional efforts to make going green fast, fun, and exciting.

Source: Autoblog


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